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The bad boy story is one of adversity and triumph. It depicts the struggles of a young boy who realized from early on in life that elements of the world seem to be against him at all times. Brought up in a broken poverty-stricken family and in a neighborhood infested by mobsters and criminals. Envisioning a life very different from the reality he was living, he decided to take matters into his own hands to create a life that seemed virtually out of reach. Replacing the mundane classroom education for the lessons the streets had to offer. He survived by investing in the craft of his hustle. Climbing to the top alone and paving his own unique path there. Starting off a little man dealing on corners to becoming the middle man making new connections to becoming his own man, running his own operations behind the scenes. Upon reaching the pinnacle he realized there were plenty of others like himself that finessed their way to the top of the bad boy ladder.

The Bad Boy Gorilla Mob is a private collection of 6,666 3D Bad Boy Gorillas NFT’s-unique digital collectibles. The gorillas are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each gorilla goes through the same quality process to ensure we have the best looking art in the space. With more than 200+ hand drawn traits, each gorilla is unique and has been through a long process to perfect the art with every fine detail. When you own a gorilla you don't just own an NFT but, you will be owning a part of history.

The BBGM team come from business backgrounds and have come up with a strategic plan to make BBGM one of the top NFT’s by the end of 2022. We’re about to change the whole game! We have special things planned which will be revealed on a later date. Join our discord now to be the first ones to gain this info!

👩🏽‍🚀 Our vision - An exclusive mob

The Bad Boy Gorilla Mob embodies all things bad boy related. When we think of the bad boy, we think of the few who stand alone and do not conform to the approved societal norms, standards, behaviours or way of life.

The bad boy gorilla mob is firm in his beliefs and the way he chooses to move and carry himself, having little care in the way he is perceived by those around him.The average person can only love to hate what they do not understand but the few who understand can see the complexities that make the bad boy gorilla bad. Being a part of the Bad Boy Gorilla Mob is being a part of the collective elite of society.

Why gorillas? We’re the king of the jungles. We’re here to make a statement and take over the whole jungle.The NFT space is just to put us on the map. We have plans and visions to get into all industries. Being a part of our collection is only the start the only way from now is up!

Launch Roadmap


Welcome to the mob! We will be hosting weekly giveaways with NFT and whitelist spots every week!


As part of our gorilla mob we will be planting 8,888 trees in the Amazon Rainforest to ensure the longevity of the forest and indigenous people of the Amazon. We will also be doing a big donation with the community members deciding which charity.


Exclusive merch for holders! We are partnering up with a special clothing brand for our first ever collaboration! more information coming soon!


UK's top jewellers, A Jewellers have helped us handcraft and design one of one pendants with your personal NFT on them with genuine gold and diamonds. Only available to people who mint a gorilla with a pendant chain as a trait. There will be 5 pendant giveaways in total.


The BBGM community will be hosting a real life shark tank event with the top best ideas decided by the community to be funded straight from us. We see many new NFT collections giving away cars etc but we are here to create generational wealth. (After the last phase).


The gorilla mob liquidity pool is initiated. It's time to initiate the next steps.

Development Roadmap

Our objective is to ensure that your investment pays off handsomely. To accomplish so, we'll implement many techniques (supply reduction, marketing, and community outreach all at once) following the launch to raise the floor price.


Metaverse development

We are ready for the METAVERSE! The BBGM Project will be extended to Sandbox, where a field will be bought once the project is sold out. The field will be our HEADQUARTERS where all the BBGM can meet.


On-going developments

50% of secondary market sale royalties will automatically be placed in the liquidity pool along with 20% of the first mint sale which will also be placed in the liquidity pool. This will ensure the longevity of our BBGM token and be highly rewardable for holders.


Staking and rewards system

All Gorilla holders will have the ability to stake their Gorilla's for passive income! We will be releasing a BBGM token which can be earned from staking. This token will have huge utility for our up and coming play-to-earn game. (tokens can also be swapped out for etherum)


Massive partnerships

We'll form alliances with other projects, artists, and key opinion leaders. You will have the opportunity to participate in the creative process for future partnerships.


Worldwide events

We will be hosting events all around the globe for holders and will be inviting high profiled guests to build networks.


Game development

We will develop a play-to-earn game that will be based on the next chapters of the BBGM. This game will benefit gorilla holders the most.

Our Team

The Bad Boy Gorilla Mob was founded by a group of digital natives who include entrepreneurs, blockchain specialists, marketing gurus, and the best Artist in the game... We are dedicated to providing a cutting-edge experience and ensuring the success of this project.




  • Rangz



  • Slyminx


    Creative Director


    Dave D



    An Phan

    Blockchain expert

  • LancePhan

    Lance Phan

    3D Artist